Modular Kitchen

Tribuz Interior Pvt. Ltd. is a company which deals in customized kitchen solutions and it is the best Modular Kitchen Designer in Gurgaon. A kitchen ought to be more than recreating pictures from an inventory or magazine into the home, regardless of whether conventional OR current structure. Tribuz Interior Pvt. Ltd. have picked up an extraordinary notoriety for honesty, unwavering quality and innovative in the Kitchen structures and establishments. Our kitchen structures are based on referrals from our many fulfilled clients. Regardless of whether your task is another kitchen plan or home improvement, Tribuz is focused on giving your family direction in item ability in structure and renovating and at last changing your kitchen into a kitchen for a lifetime of upgrade and unwinding with your family and companions.

Modular Kitchen designing Services in Gurgaon

One of a kind to Tribuz Interior, Kitchen Intelligence is about cautious research and arranging that goes behind understanding diverse kitchen propensities. Every relative's utilization and involvement with the kitchen is mapped independently to comprehend the client stream, stockpiling propensities, every now and again utilized territories, dietary patterns, family customs, and so on .This is then used to plan and modify the kitchen around the clients' space, stockpiling, stature necessities such that they can stream easily in the kitchen without any difficulty, comfort and accommodation.

We follow ABCD approach:

              A- Aesthetics: We plan a customized kitchen with perfect A esthetics.

                                                  B- Our team works to provide you your dream kitchen in estimated Budget.

                                                  C- When we understand your requirements once, we keep your Convenience in front.

                                                  D- We understand Detailed Customer requirement based on it we deliver our best.

Types of Modular Kitchen:

1. L Shape Kitchen:

This Kitchen, Formed From A Framework Of Two Adjacent Walls, Provides A Natural Triangle Well. The Sink and Refrigerator Should Be Sited Together Along One Wall, While A Counter Top Should Lead around The Corner to an Adjacent Cooking Centre. It is a slight change of a Line Kitchen however gives you additional room for capacity and mounting your apparatuses or kitchen products. The all-encompassing littler leg of your L-Shaped kitchen is perfect for transforming into a little eating mount as well. You should simply to put several seat, similar to a couple on the opposite end of the littler leg. Or on the other hand you can introduce your L-Shaped kitchen utilizing two adjoining dividers which will give you additional capacity alternatives and parcel of free space to deal with and explore different avenues regarding. Much the same as the Line Kitchen, L-Shaped kitchen also is reduced and sufficiently shrewd to be introduced into your completely outfitted parlor. Tribuz Interiors believe that You can compose a little social gathering or casual get-together and go to your visitor's appropriate from your kitchen. It's everything agreeable just as brilliant alternative for medium size rooms.


2. U shaped kitchen:

The Best Modular Kitchen Designers in Gurgaon consider this the most effective floor plan. It utilizes three connecting dividers in a coherent grouping of movement between capacity zones, sink and stove. In the event that you are intending to book a loft or level in Gurgaon nowadays, the most widely recognized issue that you will look with your kitchen is the accessibility of room. U-Shaped Kitchens are general. It is that plan which mixes splendidly with any measure of room you have in your kitchen. Particularly in the event that your kitchen has three protected sides, at that point the U-Shaped kitchen configuration would assist you with utilizing the most extreme measure of room that you have for capacity and sorting out. It very well may be likewise said to be an all-encompassing form of L-Shaped Kitchen where you may utilize an open leg for transforming it into an eating mount. Another beneficial thing about U-Shaped kitchen is that, given its 'U' shape, everything that you need turns out to be nearer to your range as it makes all your kitchen extras equidistant from your working space.


3. Parallel kitchen:

Tribuz Interiors is one such Modular Kitchen Designing Company in Gurgaon which believes that isolation in a kitchen is an imperative factor which makes kitchen errands much simple to be continued. Parallel Kitchen configuration is one such kind of a particular kitchen which shows the most extreme need of separateness of various working space inside your kitchen. State for instance, in the event that you have a thin kitchen region, at that point you would confront a great deal of inconvenience in doing the cooking work and washing work at a similar end. A parallel kitchen enables you to keep all your kitchen apparatuses which needs dry and dampness free territory on one side and isolates the wash bowl and other water including takes a shot at the contrary end. It is a proper alternative for homes in Pune where you may have two diverse nourishment societies in a similar house. It implies that the veggie lover and non-vegan stuffs can be kept isolated so nobody really has any issue with the other. Parallel Kitchens are much similar to U-Shaped kitchen and is truly agreeable to work in notwithstanding when at least two individuals are available inside.​​​​​​​


4. Island Kitchen:

An island can help abbreviate the separation between real apparatuses. This kitchen type is for the houses which have vast kitchen space. On the off chance that you have zone sufficiently enormous to alter a six seater eating mount, then Tribuz Interiors suggests you that Island kitchen type is ideal for your kitchen. Capacity and space is never the inquiry yet it is about style and excellent look. This gives an impression of an extravagant way of life completely appropriate for individuals who like to toss gatherings or love social affairs in their homes. Island kitchen as the name recommends has the eating mount in the middle of the work region. The greater part of the spaces around your eating mount are involved by smooth cupboards and slick customization and kitchen styles. This kitchen type is likewise suggested for rock solid kitchens. Perfect for little gatherings and get-together, an Island Kitchen additionally opens a great deal of extension for experimentation with kitchen inside looks and topics.​​​​​​​


4. Peninsula Kitchen:

A variety of the island idea, this kitchen frames an additional l shape, decreasing the extent of the work triangle and helping control traffic stream in a huge kitchen. Isolated from the fundamental work focuses it can house a mix of apparatuses or be utilized for nourishment arrangement. Out of a few other Eat-in kinds of feasting cum kitchen style plans, the Peninsula Kitchen is the one which is interesting with regards to its inside format. Aside from being open, it gives an exceptionally rich look to your kitchen, since it consumes a vast space and gives a few exhibits to work in. This is how our team of Best Modular Desingers in Gurgaon works as per your needs and habits. Capacity is simple and the insides is open for various experimentations like introducing a little bar at a corner or consolidating your focal mount into a feature for putting away your wine bottles just as for feasting. You can choose subjects for your insides dependent on your concept of your fantasy kitchen. Promontory kitchens are agreeable for taking care of overwhelming remaining burdens and are ideal for tossing incidental gatherings and get-together. Best of all, it won't show up stuffed or clogged regardless of whether the quantity of startling visitors expands a smidgen.​​​​​​​