Mr. Vinit Khanna, Principal Architect & Designer

Mr. Vinit Khanna is an architect by profession with almost three decades of experience in this field. Vinit Khanna is the name which comes with a passion in mind and he doesn’t just believe God lies in details, he lives the details.  Wonders happens on this earth once in the blue moon when great personalities takes birth for a mission to complete and here is the right example as Mr. Vinit Khanna was born in Kanpur with the help of Dr. Laxmi Sehgal who had been close to Subhash Chandra Bose and coincidence happened as he was born on Independence Day. So, it’s a blend of two independent souls who has lived with independence and in that manner everyone believes that wonders happens.


He was born with a mission to complete as he was gifted by god with an inbuilt talent through which he always wished to make interiors that are unique, warm and timeless. He is the person who has lived through the past 53 years in his own inimitable and free manner.


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think” - No one knew that these great words written by Albert Einstien will be proven true by Mr. Vinit as his liberal upbringing by Grandparents and his Schooling by St. Xavier’s School Delhi only brought out the fiercely creative independent streak. 


Designing is the reflection of creativity of your mind and hence it was channelized  to him by The School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi – an Institute best known for fostering lateral thinking and was just the launch Pad this passionate being needed. Being confident is the key to life and Mr. Vinit never looked back during his growth tenure as he was playing dual role in terms of relationship and friendship making a good balance indeed. Intelligibility in life, creativity in actions, virtue in heart and warmth in feeling  blossoms great personalities and here it suits to him because he has been the design backbone of his mums venture while partnering on his architectural designs with his friend Sameer in SPACE ACE  architects on Universities, Townships, Shopping Malls, Tourism Infrastructures, Data Centres, Hospitals and even Airports.


“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies” and the love magic happened when two beautiful souls met with each other in 1998 as Shibani to this date remains his best client. They hangout and chill with each other on weekends from their design centre and after spending quality time they decided to tie knot with each other. During weekdays, Mr. Vinit runs a bespoke workshop from there. Later on they were blessed with two beautiful boys and the family lived happily in a Studio Apartment downtown.


“Your Talent is a god’s gift to you, and what you do with this is your gift back to god” So Mr. Vinit Khanna gave a true return gift to God in sense of creativity implemented by him in his architectural tenure.


Mr. Vinit aspires to be ACE of SPACE as he does all special efforts to create designs which actually cover all architectural challenges.