Turn Key Projects

Tribuz Interiors offers turn-key decorating, plan and undertaking the executive’s administrations custom fitted to meet the distinctive needs of every customer and perfectly compliment the design of each home. We center around extravagance bespoke decorations and stylistic theme, inside specifying, new development and renovations. Working consistently with decorators, developers, builders, and experts, each task is drawn nearer with demanding benchmarks to make delightful, useful, and extravagantly comfortable Interiors by Best Turnkey Interior Decorators in Delhi and Gurgaon. We work beyond the limits just to transform client’s thoughts & desires into reality through our varied Interior Designing, Decoration and Turnkey Services.

Best Turnkey Interior Decorators in Delhi and Gurgaon

The establishment of our work is our association with our customers. We set aside the effort to listen, to realize what moves them, how they live, and what makes them feel most at home. Our degree comprises of both plan and venture the executive’s administrations, ensuring that each undertaking is executed and finished with the most extreme quality and tender loving care. Our inward frameworks and procedures have been sharpened with long periods of experience. We deal with each part of our tasks in a profoundly effective and sorted out way, giving our customers true serenity so they can appreciate an energizing and calm structure process.


An underlying meeting deciphers what you should need to achieve into unequivocal endeavors that fit inside your money related point and establish the framework for changing your thoughts into finished spaces. Normally the basic talk may be all that you need to kick yourself off, if you are wanting to make each essential stride yourself. Proposition for concealing, furniture position, surfaces, window covers, lighting and upgrade/custom work can be covered in this first assembling. In case the endeavor is past what you can manage without any other person a working relationship is created between the fashioner and the client and a comprehension is set apart to coordinate on your space that outlines the degree of organizations and the parameters of the endeavor.


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Using the information assembled at the basic gathering a structure thought is made on which the whole endeavor will be based. We will empower you to make sense of what ought to remain and what should continue to demonstrate new things that will enhance the thought. Tribuz Interiors will empower you to picture your dream space through a connected board with furnished to scale floor plans, divider statures, perspective outlines, concealing palettes and proposals for lighting, window medications and specially created ins that are submitted for your support. Business arrangement exercises consolidate the improvement of floor plans and focal brand advising, signage, furniture, lighting and concealing choices both for the collected condition and at whatever point required, the thing itself. In case of Turnkey projects, we believe that “Make significant changes and your client will remunerate you in deals." Or if your space looks "old and dated", so does your administration or item.


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Turn key project services in Delhi NCR

You have lots of desires and expectations in respect of your place; you yearning to give a new look to your premises which pleases to eyes, give energetic wives, and the place bound you with their attraction, but it's tough to get. Tribuz Interiors (Turnkey project interior decorators in Gurgaoncommitted to proving their efficiency and assuring you to deliver your dream into reality. We believe in transparency and provide hassle-free service and a disciplined work of art., whether you have been through the process before or not, you’ll find the professional process followed by Tribuz Interiors Pvt. Ltd...


We use a five-phase process to ensure a smooth path from concept to design and from blueprints to ready to move in.



Phase I: Pre-Design

  1. Site inspection with the client and understanding their requirements.
  2. Prepare the list of work requirement.  
  3. Reference Image required from client to understand their choice/ taste.
  4. Taking feedback about material needs.
  5. Serving a rough estimate subject to customer’s requirement. (For general Idea only & here we are discussing only on principal amount)


Phase II: Design

  1. Selection of Designer
  2. Detailed site measurement & Work list preparation.
  3. Preparation of layout for Space Planning & Management.
  4. Schematic review of the plan for Space Planning & Management.
  5. Material selection & development of Mood board
  6. Budget analysis and consultation
  7. Completion of all design and sectional views
  8. Owner signs off on approved drawings with BOQ, Payment Plan and Agreement.


Phase III: Permits & Approvals

  1. Approvals required from competent authority in case of any structural alteration.


Phase IV: Site Execution

  1. Selection of Site Engineer or Site Supervisor.
  2. Work & Execution scheduling.
  3. Deputing workforce subject to work schedule.
  4. Schedule / manage project implementation meetings (daily or as needed).
  5. Hold regular meetings with owner to review site progress.


Phase V: Project Close

  1. Follow-up with the project team for smooth running and report to the owner at the completion of each task.
  2. Confirm punch list with owner
  3. Deliver all product/materials warranty information for owner file.
  4. Hand over the keys.