Top Office Interior Designer in Gurgaon

A quest for the top Office Interior Designer in Gurgaon has led us wondering why do we need an Office Interior in the first place.

“An employee spends more time in his/her office than at home.” More often than not, a home becomes just a weekend getaway for employees. So, if an employee spends so much time in the workplace, the employer must make sure that all the elements in the office directly links with the productivity of the employee. It is not only limited to productivity but also to increase morale, efficiency, and comfortability. An Office Interior Design speaks the brand image to the customers. An amusing and organized design would create much more value for the customers as compared to the untidy and sluggish environment.


As far as the Top Office Interior Designer in Gurgaon is concerned, Tribuz Interior been in the business for more than 14 years now and has set a benchmark in theme designs and luxury interiors. We work with an aim to deliver the best decor premises to every person where one will either live or work.


Ahead of times themes and eye for small details have led to an incredible list of clients in these years such as: 

  1. Kline Group (USA) - Office, Gurgaon
  2. Saatchi & Saatchi (USA) - Office, Gurgaon
  3. Helix Financials Private Ltd. (USA) - Office, Gurgaon 


We believe that an Office Interior describes progressiveness and thirst for excellence. We, at Tribuz Interiors, aim to provide the most exclusive designs in the country.


We are best known for:

Retail Shops

It is the presentation of the shop that appeals to the customers and induce them to buy products. We believe that effective space planning is of utmost importance as these spaces should be smartly used in order to create a lasting impression on your customers.



An office interior reflects the best out of the brand image and the employees of the company. The cabins, conference rooms, workstations are designed in such a way that everything seems to be organized and pleasing. Those who enter into the premises should feel like they belong here and therefore, deliver their best performance.



We realize that a clinic should be organized in such a way that it puts the comfort of the patients as its top priority. Apart from that, we concentrate on designing a clinic to make every space functional with proper ventilation, easy accessibility, and a soothing color scheme.



Designing an Institutional environment is the toughest assignment but our designers have done mastery in it. The interiors should encourage students to learn and grow. Open structures help students to ease through their respective studies and let us work efficiently with the spaces.



Understanding the needs of a hospital structure feels like relieving yourself from half of your job pressure but it certainly is not that easy. An ambiance of a hospital might even help patients recover quickly. We provide the reliability and the sturdiness that a hospital interior needs.  


The creativity along with the application of sustainable energy principles make Tribuz Interiors an ideal choice for top office interior designers in Gurgaon.