Tips & Tricks to make space in small bathroom

Bathroom Interior Designing

Among all the challenges: configuring the toilet and sink to code, making enough clearance space for a shower and, of course, where to put the towels and toilet paper in the bathroom. If you are planning on Interior Design of Bathroom, here are some of the tips & tricks for designing that picture-perfect Interior of small bathroom interior Design.


  • Install a corner sink rather than in Middle.

By Using the sink at the corner of your Bathroom can make your bathroom space larger even after installation of a sink, this is because corner sink can easily be fitted &occupy less space  & bottom area will also free up  & it never interrupt you while entering in the bathroom.

  • Use a shower curtain.

A shower curtain in the bathroom occupy less space than glass door & it also can move right-left or up-down. Shower curtain also prevents water to fall in the remaining bathroom & it can fit at any space whatever the size will, no problem can occur by installing shower curtains.


  • Float the vanity.

Mounting a vanity above the floor frees up a little space for small items in the bathroom & it also gives a different style look to you Bathroom Interiors Design


  • Extend the counter over the toilet.

This type of banjo-style arrangement can be done with a variety of stone or a wood slab. The extended counter can create just enough space for a few more needed items. Toilet placement is not affected by this, and the complete look is minimalist and clean.


  • Use of large-scale pattern.

A large-scale pattern on the wall, like this wide stripe, can trick everyone eye into seeing expanded space in the bathroom. The actual square footage might stay the same, but the bathroom will feel bigger.


  • Do not install the shower door.

If your total bathroom space is about just a few feet, With that tight conditions such as this in the image above, consider a glass panel instead of a glass shower door. By using it most of the water remains inside your area & will free up needed elbow room.


  • Stretch your mirror.

In the tightest spaces in the bathroom, having a mirror stretch across the wall instead of just using the vanity can enable two people to use your mirror at once. If you are having less-than-ideal space, then every inch of the corner helps.


  • Mounting the towel bar on a door can solve your storage Problems.

When the space in the bathroom is minimum, then using towel bars on the doors can ease your problems for towel storage. You might need lots of towel for your bathroom but by using that towel bars on the door can also solve your problem of drying off with is essential.


  • Install a trough sink to large up bathroom space.

Trough sink is simpler & less space taking an idea, as it uses only a single wall mounted wooden block or any other mounting block type. It has a low profile but the space under the sink is free as well as the storage or foot traffic will not there so space in the bathroom will increase.


  • One Shelf Vanity is simpler.

Do not need to make too much shelf to hold your towels as it covers lots of space in your Bathroom. Pedestal design Shelf can be used. This type of shelf can also hold your towels & your basket for toilet papers & other clothes & take less space.


  • Wall-mounted faucet Gives you traditional look.

Using wall Mounted faucet on the wall allows you to a narrower vanity or sink, which tends to free up space in the total bathroom. Do not worried about using wall mounted faucet as it gives traditional Design look & it works anywhere or any type of wall.


These are the list of some tricks & tips for Interior designing of Bathroom to make space in your bathroom & to make your bathroom look good



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