10 Space Saving Dressing Table Design Ideas To Make Your Room Look Fabulous

Space Saving Dressing Table Design Ideas

No bedroom is complete without a Space Saving Dressing Table Design. Dressing tables or vanity tables as they were earlier known can be found in a number of styles to complement every style of bedroom decor. One of the commandments of residential interior designing today is to use spaces optimally. Here are our top ten space saving dressing table design ideas in varied styles.


1.The Modern Dressing Table

The Modern Dressing Table designs

When you need a Space-saving dressing table that’s modern & unique in style.


2.The Art Deco Dressing Table

The Art Deco Dressing Table

When your bedroom has an has an art deco mood.


3.The Retro Dressing Table

The Retro Dressing Table

When you’re taking a trip down the retro lane.


4. The Trunk Inspired Dressing Table

The Trunk Inspired Dressing Table


A handmade Jonathan Charles Travel Trunk Style Metamorphic Dressing Table, perfect for adding a little vintage-chic to a luxe interior. Oak and leather-bound travel trunk style oval vanity dressing table with a practical arrangement of drawers and storage inside, brass clasp catch and lined with vintage map detail. Hinged mirrored top and swing-out doors.

 When you need things out of sight yet close at hand.


5.The Upcycled Dressing Table

The Upcycled Dressing Table

When the bedroom needs a little upcycled DIY furniture.


6.The Glamorous Dressing Table

The Glamorous Dressing Table

When just one mirror isn’t enough.


7.The Minimalist Dressing Table

Minimalist Dressing Table

When your dressing table needs to be simple yet one of a kind.


8. The Traveller’s Dressing Table

The Trunk Inspired Dressing Table

When your love for travel comes into your bedroom.


9.The Compact Dressing Table

Compact Dressing Table

When the dressing table must suit a contemporary bedroom.


10.The Petite Dressing Table

 Petite Dressing Table

When vintage is your style of choice.




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