Different Designs Ideas For Planning Home Office Or Study

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Home offices come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. There are important things to consider when planning your home office whether your workspace is in a converted garage, a purpose built annex, a small bedroom or a corner of another room. Some people spend over 35 hours-a-week in this space, so it needs to be distraction free and comfortable. Home Designer is a great tool for planning a home office or study. You can try out different furniture layouts without moving the furniture around in real life, choose your desired wall colour and plan shelving and storage for the room,Or you can have one of the top interior designers in Delhi for your help.

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 Selecting the correct room
 If you are fortunate to have a number of rooms to choose from, make sure you select room that will offer you enough space, light and privacy to allow you to work comfortably.

 Minimize noise and distractions
 Your room or space should be tucked away in a quiet part of the house, out of the way from children or pets that might distract you.

 Storage space and shelving

 It is important to have enough shelves, filing cabinets and cupboards for your files, books, papers and stationery.

 Natural light is essential and it can be maximized by using mirrors and painting the walls with light colours. Make sure your computer screen isn’t affected by direct sunlight and pick a good lighting arrangement for working in the evenings.

Enough space to move around

It is important to have enough space to be comfortable when working. If you work on your own make sure your space is big enough for you to move about, stand up and sit back from your desk. If you work with colleagues or employees, make sure the room is big enough for all of you. There is nothing worse than having to push past your colleague every day to get to the printer.

A decent desk and comfortable seat

Buying a decent desk and chair for your home office will always be worth every penny if it prevents you from back pain problems in the future. Make sure your desk is big enough to fit both your computer and anything else necessary to do your work.

Somewhere to hold meetings

If you have clients or customers visit you during the day, comfortable seating to have sit-down meetings is essential. Make sure you have a clean and tidy area to meet them and talk to them face to face. If space is limited, you can always hold meetings around the kitchen table or in the living room.


Being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter is an unwelcome distraction from your work. Make sure you have a reliable way of heating and cooling the room when the temperatures fluctuate in the summer and winter.


Always keep your home & office Interiors clean and tidy. Spend the first 10/15 minutes of the day tidying your desk and vacuuming if necessary – it will always be worth it.


It is always important to have a window that you can open to let some fresh air in – if not open the door to another room with an open window.

Personalize it

You are lucky enough to be in control of what your office space looks like, so make sure you add your own personal touches that will please you. Add one of your favourite paintings, colours or decorations that will brighten up your day.

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Perfect Study Room

Your study could be an entire room or just a nook in the corner of another, but it is one space you want to put thought into setting up.

The perfect study room should be quiet and away from the noisy parts of the house, and with plenty of natural light.  To enhance the feel of space and light, paint the room in soft colors like cream, light blue, or a soothing green. Such shades also help you focus  better. 

 Study chair

You can choose a classic office chair or a solid wood chair, but it should be ergonomically designed. Remember to get a chair that is the right height. If someone else at home is likely to share this study, a chair with adjustable height options is a better idea. Some study chair design also let you adjust the height of the arm rests and the incline of the back to suit your needs better.

study chair

Some study chair design also let you adjust the height of the arm rests and the incline of the back to suit your needs better.  

office chair

If you are using a laptop or computer, you need to place it about 1 ½ to 2 ½ feet away from you, and such that you are not crouching or bent over it while working.

Study desk

The desk is the most important part of the study room. Most of the activity in the room, the thinking/writing/creating/learning happens around this. The desk should be large enough for your laptop, books, stationery, and anything else you need for work.

study desk

  Study Desk

  A cluttered desk will negatively impact your productivity. So, get a study table with drawers to put away the things you don’t need regularly. That way, the top remains neat and organised.

residential study desk

 Explore Chairs and Lounge Chairs

 If you prefer your study to be a tad more relaxing than a regular study, you might want to consider getting a lounge chair. These are perfect to sit back on and listen to audiobooks or soothing music. For extra comfort.

office chair


Keep pens, post-its, highlighters, and everything else you use frequently. handy. A stick board or a whiteboard might help you stay on course and help you follow projects closely. If you’re a painter keep painting accessories close. It helps to have multiple drawers to store them in separate compartments.

Book case

What’s a study without a bookshelf or two? Depending on the space you have, you can opt for a floor standing cabinet or a wall-mounted bookcase. If you have collectibles or first editions you want to keep away from dust (or kids and pets!), opt for a closed cabinet. A glass front cabinet lets you show off your collection while keeping it protected. 

book case

Or you could opt for an open bookshelf that could double as a room divider.

For those with less floor space, a wall shelf is an excellent idea. And if you aren’t much of a book collector, stack up your curios, photos, games, media, or memorabilia on these.

simple and stylish book case




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