All You Need To Know About New Balcony Designs.

Balcony Design Ideas


The beauty of a house has adored by a balcony and everyone wants it into his house.Tribuz interiors the Residential Interior Designers In Gurgaon make you feel adorable by making your home balcony design marvelous. People used to spend time in the balcony to get fresh air, to have a look at the outdoor activities and sometimes to admire the beauty of nature in the night. A balcony is a great place for those who love to spend time in peace and silence, it is also a great site for book lovers.


There are many benefits of having a balcony in the house. One of the greatest benefits of having a balcony is enlarged space. That’s the reason why people used to prefer balcony in their house. A balcony is adored by people due to a unique place in the house. The outside location of the balcony makes it the best place to spend time alone. Balconies are usually separated from the room area by a door and you can easily access it by the opening. Open the door and enjoy the enlarged, spacious area.

Balconies can be described as protrusions which appear on the side of houses and buildings.

Beautiful Balconies For Your Home

 Balconies can be described as protrusions which appear on the side of houses and buildings.

A balcony is considered as being a part of a room with the only variation being that it is located on the outside of a room. Balconies are basically separated from a room by a door and when the door is opened, a room is opened up enlarging the living space.


 True Balconies

True balcony usually extends from the second story of the building or higher. Since true balconies have a deck floor and railings; it can be walked on and can support a reasonable amount of people, furniture, decorations and plants. These balconies have the wider floor and additional outdoor space, unlike false balconies. So, if you wish to have additional outdoor space, then you should install a true balcony.


 False Balconies


False balconies are installed on existing homes as an additional architectural feature because they do not add any sort of value onto your home. These balconies have a narrow deck and rail, which are designed to support the weight of plants and planters. This balcony is not suited for walking and serves mainly as decoration for the building.


Mezzanine Balconies

Mezzanine balconies are more like a typical balcony, which features a large deck with rails that project outward from the wall. It provides access to the exterior part of the building. Mezzanine is usually an interior construction and this type of balcony construction is seen in large hotels and in rustic cabins with lofts. But, you can be innovative by using these mezzanine balconies.

 Faux Balconies


Faux balconies are usually known as a balcony with railings but without any space. Faux balconies are installed on existing properties as they don’t provide any real use to a building. These balconies have a rail with no deck floor. These balconies cover either windows or doors. If you want a balcony that serves both decorative and safety purpose, then try out installing faux balconies.

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