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Modern bathrooms Interior Designing often feature smooth modern chromed fittings and it is possible to acquire a matching towel rail too. The chromed towel rails come in a variety of styles, from straight and simple to curved and ornate, ideal for allowing you that extra element of choice in your décor

Floating vanities have become a rising trend in modern bathrooms. They’re rectangular, hard edged, sleek, and minimalist, all of which are hallmark characteristics of modern home design. The open space beneath floating vanities helps to expand the visual space in the room and cut down on visual clutter. If you’re looking to make a small room look more expansive or if you’re looking to add a bold accent in a modern design, consider how a floating vanity could complement your modern bathroom.

1.This floating vanity runs from wall to wall and takes advantage of a minimalist look. It is fitted with flat panel doors without any cabinet pulls, and the dark wood grain is in high contrast with the rest of the room. The horizontal lines throughout this bathroom help establish a calm look in this space. This example shows how a simple vanity can be bold and striking.

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2. While floating vanities most often fit into a modern bathroom, this particular bathroom features a pair of floating vanities as part of a transitional design. The more traditional colours scheme is mixed with modern elements like the large horizontal shower tile and  glass vessel sinks. The sleek brushed nickel cabinet pulls and the flat panel cabinets add a modern touch to this room.

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3. This small bathroom uses a sleek floating vanity to help open up the visual space in this bathroom and maintain a simple look and modern design. The mostly black and white colours scheme is a distinctive look of  new modern bathrooms Designing, and the high contrast in the  black panels helps to bring out the vanity as the primary focal point. The black color of the vanity ties in with the mirror and the shower liner, making the space feel cohesive.

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4.This final example is a bold floating vanity tucked into a tight space in a modern bathroom interiors. This vanity stretches from wall to wall, making it feel like part of the structure of the room, adding to the simplicity of the space. The simple chrome cabinet pulls and flat panel cabinets are classic elements of modern design, and the tall vessel sink and chrome faucet help establish a strong look in this bathroom.

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