7 New Ways To Dress your home and offices In Perfect Manner

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What is the first thing that enters in a mind when you visit someone’s home or office? It may either be a comment or a compliment on the way it has been dressed, decorated and designed. It is always the interiors, showcasing and furniture that adorn the look of any organized space, whether it is a home or any office. It reflects owner’s taste, creative style, personality and standard of living. Creative ideas are not restricted by budget and make their own ways of dressing home or office space.


1.Creativity and colours

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Right from the entrance door to the rooms inside, your creativity and the colours that you use for the interiors reveal your imagination. If it is your office design, then appropriate placing of furniture, texture & colours of walls, ventilation, artistic paintings, fittings of lights, chandeliers etc. has to match the requirements of the office that ensure positivity, refreshing energy and serene beauty in the atmosphere. On the other hand, each home has got its unique creativity in terms of architecture, furniture, antiques, ventilation and decorations that reflect the paradox of variety. People surf nets, take advices, visit malls & shops to bring the best fusion of colours on the walls, matching furniture & furnishings and unique decorations to exhibit their creative style.


2.Elements of ‘Nature’

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Many well-known office interior designing services in Gurgaon or interior decorators in Gurgaon and office interior decorators in Gurgaon & other cities emphasize on bringing natural plants within the organized spaces especially those plants that do not need much sunlight. It livens up the ambience and connects the visitors immediately. It is important to place indoor gardens according to the design and styling of your home and office. Nature stimulates brains, refreshes air and adorns the artificial look of any organized space.


3.Earthen and stimulating designs

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In office, designing an office has to be creative as well as stimulating as an office employee spends over 70-80% of its daily time within the confined spaces of office. Hence, it is essential to design an office in a way that focus of lots of active spaces, invigorate novel thinking, ensure visibility between floors and across office cabins and sophisticated corridors & stairs that stimulate physical exercises. In Home, earthen or urban designs, apt use of pottery & handicrafts, arched gateways, carved wall paintings, wooden shelves, metallic statues etc. enrich visual experience and add sophistication to ordinary home even at low budget.


4.Floor/wall Furnishing

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Rugs, Mats and Carpets often add elegance in the dressing of a home as well as office. Their price varies and suits all budgets. Nowadays, these mats & carpets come in different feathery & comfortable materials, classical designs, sizes and of good quality.  In Office, there are best quality floor tiles in marble or granite, Office carpets and mats, wall blinds or curtains that enhance the interior looks of a simple office conference room, resting rooms, reception areas etc


5.Unusual decorations

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It is often ideas from commercial interior designing services in Gurgaon or other urban places that have added charisma within the office spaces especially by their unusual decorations. In fact, top interior designers in Gurgaon & other metro cities have paved into the office bathrooms also and have furnished the wall with modern geometric designs and weirdly fabulous colours. Then, there are open floor plans with lots or corners & nooks to ensure privacy to employees, lounge areas, sophisticated conference areas etc. that gives a different colour to usual office spaces. In home, there are absolutely new innovative ideas of dressing or designing one’s house which makes it look both interesting as well as out-of-the world to your guests. For instance, the interior decorators in Gurgaon recommend yellow-painted ceilings as it symbolize sunshine in home settings; brightly coloured metallic gateways with unusually creative carvings always leave room for surprise to your guests.


6.Expert’s advice

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Last but not the least, it is best to hear the creative minds of interior designers in Gurgaon and other places for your home dressing or office interior designers in Gurgaon or one well-known in your city. Their vision, experience and ideas can bring stunning results and also, they work according to your budget as well as customizations.



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People often have an instinctive and inbuilt desire to dress their house as beautiful as possible. With growing times, creativity has opened its full wings when it comes to materials, designs, decorations and interiors. There is a lot of scope to explore, choose, customize, commercialize and definitely design.  But, it is important to make the right and well-estimated decisions when it is about your own organized space.





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