Different Types of Wall Decor Ideas you can use in your Home or Office

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Decorating Wall Is the First thing You have to concern about when you thinking about home Décor. This not Define your Space but enhance your room ambiance. Different people have different types of choice to decorate their wall of the home & there are many different number of things as per the requirement of owners

Few types of Interior Designing choices are as follows:


Photographs Wall Decor

If you are having your lots of memories with your family or of yourself then it’s a great idea to décor your wall with them. You can also put small photos on the wall or you can print your photos on good quality paper and paste it on the wall. Instead of framing pictures you can cover your photos on the entire wall. This will give the wall an amazing look with your memories.


Wall Decals

Wall Decals Is the new trending type of wall art that adhesive in design & is prints that can be put on any type of wall easily & give your Home Interior Design a beautiful look. Wall Decals can also be removed from the wall with very ease & you can change it again & again every time you want to do.

They are a great choice for any wall as they do not require to do any holes on the wall. They are not expensive that much as they were before. You can use them anywhere on any wall of the house


Wooden Wall Décor

You can Use wood to décor your wall of your house or office, as it is a very popular art. By using wood you can give your home a natural like look. It is a perfect material for your wall as it gives a nice ambiance to your room. You can choose different design as there is a lot of design in the market for this type of art.

Metal Wall Décor

This type of art is quickly becoming more and more popular as a material for wall art nowadays because it makes such a statement. Metal wall type of art is generally very big and bold and can give your home an industrial feel look if left raw, rough, and exposed. For a more modern or contemporary look, find metal art that has been finished and is smooth that gives your home amazing shiny look.


Wall Paper & Paint Wall Decor

They are not much interesting but then you can make your wall more extraordinary in look in numerous different design or pattern. If you paint a wall you can use more than one color of your choice & also can make a different type of pattern which gives wall an extraordinary look. Wallpaper comes with the different design you can select any design of your choice & put it on the wall. Once you have done with paint or wallpaper it can’t be changed for a long time as it cost much.


Painting & poster Wall Decor

Painting is the most famous art to décor your wall. Its totally depend on your choice which type of paintings you want to hang on your wall, it can be modern abstract or can be Mughal court piece

If you want your poster to be for a long time then you can put it on a hardback surface or you can frame them because thin paper can easily be damaged. You can mount posters of your own choice, it can be of your favorite footballer, filmstar or any other.


Wall Clocks Wall Decor

The last type of wall décor idea is to put wall clock, as they are still part of wall décor items. I have hardly seen a house where no clock was seen on the wall. A clock on the Wall gives a different charm. You can choose whatever size of clock you want to put on the wall. 






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