8 New Types Of Crockery Placements Ideas

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Women have a fascination for collecting and showcasing crockery. So, by using the right Crockery Placements design Ideas you can make your crockery placement in your home in very outstanding look with different type of crockery cabinets . A crockery cabinet can be placed in the kitchen, living room or dining room, depending on the space and use. Using the best home interior designers you can give your crockery unit a good well design & extra ordinary look


Successful and perfect placement of crockery unit totally depends upon these few things:

Location preferred in the house according to the house owner:Your own comfort to place your crockery unit according to your own choice, work zone and requirements. You may place it in your living room, dining area or kitchen. Choice is yours according to your convenience.

Manage your glassware, crockery collection in a simple yet stylish manner. Get more of well utilized space of your dining area, kitchen or living room with elegant crockery unit. Crockery units are made to make your dining area look more elegant, well managed, sharp and amazing. They are not just installed to put in the glass stuff but also to exhibit the best of your crockery collection to your friends and family in a modern and cool way.



If wooden boxes don’t work for you, choose between a cabinet or shelf. Have a look at your wall and decide which of these would work best with your décor. Crockery Cabinets with lighting will give your décor a less formal feel. When using kitchen shelves to exhibit your crockery, group your collection by colour for a complete and organised look.



If the crockery you wish to display is not solely for decoration purpose and you would use them frequently, open shelves just above the dishwasher would solve the purpose. After you are done using them, you can simply put them back after every wash without the need of carting them across the modular kitchen.



Market is full of crockery units in different shapes and designs. You can either go for one with the top half in glass or the one with a full glass door. Display your crockery in a beautifully carved crockery unit and keep them away from dust and grime.



Small homes with less space love the idea of saving the floor space to the maximum. Wall- mounted crockery cabinet is widely popular in Indian households. The wood finish of this cabinet adds to the décor. In addition to this you can also go for a combination of a wall-mounted cabinet and open shelves with a sideboard cabinet. This red crockery unit is a perfect blend of beauty and utility.




China cabinet or crockery cabinet is generally made up of wood and is a single piece of furniture. A china cabinet looks elegant in your living room or dining area. The glass shutters of the cabinets look exquisite. Thus, you can keep an eye on your chinaware through these fine glass shutters.



Traditionally a sideboard is a cabinet which is kept in the dining room for the serving purpose. A crockery sideboard has become a favorite in houses today. Sideboards are generally designed and ornamented but nowadays simple wooden crockery sideboards are in trend. You can also select a sideboard according to your dining table color and texture.



A simple chest of drawers is a compact style of storing the crockery. If you have a lack of space or you stay in a dusty area, then a closed unit is an appropriate design for your house.



In today’s world of home interiors Designing, every design takes up a compact shape.

These crockery cabinet designs are a perfect fit for every Indian household. The size of the cabinet varies upon the requirements of each family. But a crockery unit is a must for every household.

A modular kitchen is one of the most sought after items today. In fact, it has now become a necessity to have a well-planned yet chic-looking modular kitchen for efficient space utilization. A modular kitchen has many advantages that a traditional kitchen is not able to offer. An effective, well-planned modular kitchen has the following pros:

  1. It is able to offer a lot of storage space even in the smallest of kitchen areas.
  2. Repairs are easily done.
  3. Individual components can be replaced if required, without affecting other kitchen components
  4. Installing it does not take much time or effort.
  5. Cleaning it requires less effort
  6. It can be highly durable, when made with high quality materials.





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