5 Inspiring Kitchen Designs You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With

  • 27 April, 2017
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 The small kitchen is a big problem, but let’s think positive. Just think that you will not have to spend much money for the kitchen, and repair will not last for long.

Images are one of the most meaningful details in the kitchen arrangement and, therefore, you should ensure that they reflect the intended style of premises and create the home-like you. The light wallpapers are also frequently applied during the kitchen  arrangement.                       

 Open kitchens create an illusion of space and utilize floor area well. Kitchen accessories, like baskets, pull out trays and hanging pot holders, are good solutions and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, the aim of kitchen organization is to have clutter free countertops. Clutter free countertops provide ample room for meal preps and act as a serving spot too. Indian kitchens contain a variety of appliance, pans, pots and utensils so be sure to look for photos with kitchen storage ideas. If you have a small kitchen then vertical cabinets will be help maximise the space.Gone are the days when cooking felt like a chore. Equipped with latest technologies and a flawless organization system, today’s Indian kitchens facilitate easy meal preparation, organization and storage.

1. Drawer systems are go-to modular kitchen accessories. These drawers trump cabinets as they make use of the wasted space which cannot be fully utilized in the latter. The Tandem box drawer systems from Blum offer shallow as well as deep storage space. 

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2.Tall units are an integral part of kitchen design. In cases where one needs to store huge amounts of groceries or items which have long shelf lives. These units when closed look like a part of the kitchen’s wall, giving the space a clean look. 

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3.Pull outs make the best use of narrow spaces in the kitchen.  They can work as a mini pantry in a busy kitchen where guests can help themselves.

best modular interior kitchen designs in delhi ncr


4. Cutlery Trays with compartments to hold everything from spoons, knives, forks, rolling pins and more in an organized manner, cutlery trays are versatile, must-have modular kitchen accessories. This is a great way to do away with clutter and is especially handy when whipping meals in a hurry.

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5. Corner Solutions; most of the time, corner spaces in kitchens typically go unused. However, you can access the most redundant corners of your kitchen with savvy solutions such as the LeMans corner and cabinets designed especially for the same. These charming modular kitchen accessories promise to take care of all your clutter and will make cooking in your kitchen much more efficient.

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